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Basic Computer Training in Mohali

 Basic Computer Training in Mohali offers basic computer courses on IT or information technology which comprehensively introduces you to the world of IT. The course is framed to make you understand about the computer course with basic understanding and skills with IT learning.

A working skill and knowledge of contemporary computer software are essential in today’s world of technology. It is booming, so you need to learn the computer by hook or crook. Of particular essentially are the different programs utilized to build the computer-friendly. You must know the computer, though basic skills are essentials for all time for all jobs if it a beginner phrase job or advanced job. Learning basic computer is important in today’s world. Of specific essential, this is one of the biggest things you should know and the importance are of several programs utilized to create the major people for job-ready. For starters, we offer basic computer courses, including fundamentals of computers. Our lessons extend to a plethora of diversification topics that train our young students to gain their expertise in this field.

Training on all Microsoft Office desktop applications and internet research is motivated in the beginning stages. Other critical subjects availed to students involve online browsing skills, basic computer operating, and sneak peeks of online security and privacy skills.

Basic Computer Training Institute in Mohali provides a hands-down opportunity to provide trainees with the basics of computers that will assist them in mastering their productivity, eliminating repetitive tasks, and acing their career opportunities.

What is Basic Computer Course?

Basic Computer Course customized especially for those who are broadly new to technology or who feel they require more guidance before they can feel comfortable about obtaining new technology for their personal use or using a device for the first time. Complete with examples and illustrations of everyday life, as well as tools, this basic computer knowledge is deliberated to make people feel more comfortable with modern technology. Enter the computer classes of basic computer programming immediately to fulfill this computer course objective.

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The computer basics course is categorized into 12 different computer skills courses, involving Computer Components, What to do to Look when we are Buying, Setting up a Secure Work Environment, Virus Security, Keeping Your Computer Up and Running, Surfing the Web, Sending Messages, Use Your Internet Tools, Advanced Mail, Photos, Word Processing Techniques, and Finding Everything. The Basic Computer Training Institute in Mohali is the perfect place to get a computer certificate.

Basic Computer Course Certificate covers all PCs and Macs helping you find the right stuff when you’re about to continue exploring the Internet or even create a word processing paper. With summaries, True / False, and multiple-choice questions at the end of each segment in a basic computer course, you will be allowed to analyze the lessons of computer classes in deep knowledge, while also pointing out where you have more research to do. Screenshots in a computer certificate can provide real-life instances that can you set up your first email account or use email in more advanced ways. No matter how familiar you are with your machines, Computer Courses are built to help you answer simple questions. Basic Computer Course developed with the average student in mind, someone who requires to know more about computing but may have been opposed to inquiring in computer classes.

Basic Computer Course Syllabus

Introduction of Computer

  • Basic Applications of Computer
  • Components of Computer System
  • Central Processing Unit(CPU)
  • VDU, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Other input/output Devices
  • Computer Memory
  • Concepts of Hardware and Software
  • Classifications of computers
  • Representation of data/Information concepts of data
  • processing
  • Definition of Information and data
  • Basic data types
  • Storage of data/Information as files

Microsoft Office word 2007

  • Basic Editing
  • Formatting
  • Copying and Moving Text and Object
  • Editing Features
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Page Formatting
  • Inserting Graphics, Pictures, and Table of Contents
  • Advanced Tools

Microsoft Office Excel 2007

  • Opening a Blank or New Workbook, General Organization
  • Highlights and Main operations: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas
  • Highlights and Main Functions: Data, Review, View, Add-Ins
  • Using the Excel Help Function
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Creating and Using Templates
  • Formatting Data and Using the Right Mouse Click
  • Saving, Page Setup, and Printing
  • Using Headers and Footers
  • Operating Data using Data Names and Ranges, Filters and Sort, and Validation Lists
  • Data from External Sources
  • Using and Formatting Tables
  • Basic Formulas and Use of Functions
  • Data Analysis Using Charts and Graphs

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

  • Creating a Basic Presentation
  • Building Blocks of a Presentation
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Themes and Styles
  • Working with Charts, Graphs, & Tables
  • Working with Media Clips and Animation
  • Working with Macros and Customizing PowerPoint 2007
  • Troubleshooting PowerPoint 2007
  • Packaging and Publishing your Presentation

What you will learn in Basic Computer Training in Mohali?

  • Understand computer fundamental & internet basics
  • Working knowledge of MS Office 2013 – Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook
  • Financial Analysis using MS Excel
  • Learn expert features & functions like VLOOKUP, pivot table & charts
  • Identifying files and file types
  • Copying files from a particular location
  • Finding the location of the saved file
  • Recognizing various parts of the computer
  • Making optimal use of keyboard
  • Understating the various computer applications
  • Modifying the view settings of a file
  • Reducing SPAM
  • Creating file back-ups
  • Deleting or removing needless programs from the system to boost its performance
  • Preventing virus and worm attacks
  • Learning about the essential system files which are agreeable to third parties
  • Dealing with emails that contain a virus

How do we provide a job assistant after the completion of the Basic Computer Course?

Our Basic Computer Training Institute in Mohali offers the best possible placement for every student in Mohali, which compliments and recognizes the potential that a student holds within him. We ensure that students are placed in reputed companies across the country. Continuous placement training is provided to equip the students with communication, soft skills, confidence development, interview skills, and tests of reasoning, by professionals in the respective fields. We offer a common platform for job seekers and recruiters by offering them our reliable services, which suit their requirements.

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  • Looking for a change.
  • Best Placement training.
  • Suitable career.
  • Personality development.
  • Building the best resume.
  • Seeking to understand if your resume' is impactful.
  • Requiring you to understand the best career options for your profile and personality.
  • Looking for interview/career tips.
  • Thinking that you are underused and not paid suitably.
  • Believing that you are destined for a better opportunity.
  • Wanting to appreciate your strengths and figure out suitable opportunities.

Join Basic Computer Training in Mohali - one of the best basic computer training institutes which train students and make them identify what is a suitable field for them and gives them huge opportunities in form of placements. Basic Computer Training in Mohali gives them perfect training that as required by several companies. Our students are well skillful and are capable of crackling any interviews after the training course.

When a student completes their course successfully, Basic Computer Training in Mohali Placement Cell helps them for an interview with major software companies like Dell, Infosys, IBM, HP, SAP, etc. In the year 2015 over 90+ students were already placed in job roles like software developers, web developers, Embedded engineers, etc.

Why us for Basic Computer Training in Mohali?

Become a professional

  • Be a professional while you learn.
  • Opportunity to work on LIVE PROJECTS.
  • Engage in client meetings and conferences.
  • Potential placements await you

Very Competitive Pricing

  • Get your hands on cost-effective prices
  • Hefty discounts on selected courses.
  • Low price but high-end service
  • Our services are worth the investment

We are easily accessible

  • Easy conveyance via Metro, buses, and cabs.
  • We provide 24*7 online support.
  • We are just only 2 minutes walking distance from the metro.

Collaborative environment

  • Work in a collaborative space
  • Improve coordination with team members
  • Learn professionalism from experts
  • Encourage creativity and learning

We keep you updated

  • Upgrade the latest news via skype and Wap
  • Essential services via phone
  • Complete guidance of courses through our website
  • Stay updated on social media with us.

Query Redresssal & Consultancy

  • We guide all courses
  • Quick redressal through Skype or over the phone
  • Appointments available to resolve queries
  • Flexible work hours for students

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